What We Do

We work with NYCU students on a number of different kinds of English writing, including:

  • writing assignments for their coursework,
  • theses and dissertations,
  • personal statements / statements of purpose for current NYCU students and recent graduates of NYCU who are applying to study abroad, and
  • CVs / resumes for current NYCU students and recent graduates of NYCU.

Our consultations may focus on a variety of issues regarding the writing process, including:

  • how to get started on a piece of writing,
  • how to organize a piece of writing,
  • how to develop an argument or an interpretation, and
  • how to avoid plagiarism and use sources appropriately.

We also help NYCU students to prepare for delivering presentations in English, both for their coursework and for extracurricular activities (for example, a presentation for a conference or a workshop). Our consultations may focus on:

  • writing issues: e.g., drafting slides for a presentation, and
  • presentation issues: e.g., fluency, pronunciation, body language.

When it comes to grammar, we teach students how to fix patterns of error that we identify in their written work (e.g., the use of articles, subject-verb agreement, etc.). That said, we are not a proofreading service, and our tutors will not go through students’ writing to fix grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, etc.

We do offer consultations for group work. If a group of students produces a piece of writing as part of a group project, all of the students who have worked on that piece of writing are required to participate in the consultation.