Consultation Policies

For in-person consultations, students should arrive at least five minutes before the consultation begins and check in with our administrative assistant.

Students will need to show us their NYCU ID card. We only offer our services to NYCU students and recent graduates, and if they are unable to show us their NYCU ID card, we may cancel their consultation.

If a student arrives late for a consultation, we will not extend the length of the consultation. For example, if a student arrives 10 minutes late for a consultation that begins at 11:00, the consultation will still end by 11:50 at the latest.

If a student is more than 15 minutes late, the consultation will be canceled. If the student is more than 15 minutes late for two consultations in a given semester, that student will be banned from scheduling a consultation with us for the rest of the semester.

Students are limited to one 50-minute consultation per day and a total of three consultations for a particular piece of writing. This policy also applies to longer pieces of writing like theses and dissertations. Students are welcome to schedule multiple consultations for a longer piece of writing. But they should keep in mind that we will be able to work with them on, at most, 30 pages of writing over the course of three consultations.

We do not offer consultations on writing assignments that are due the same day as the consultation.