Booking a Consultation

If you are interested in consulting with us, please either email us at llwc[at] or call us at 02-2826-7000 ext. 65351 to book a consultation. Before contacting us, please check our Google Calendar to see when the next available appointments are. (Note: In order to view the calendar, you must log in to your NYCU Gmail account.)

When you contact us, please tell us:

  • Who you are and whether you are:
    * a current NYCU student
    * a recent graduate of NYCU
  • Whether you would like to schedule:
    * an in-person consultation (on the Yangming Campus, Zhi Xing Building (Front), Room 203 (above 7-Eleven))
    * an online consultation
  • When you would like to meet for the consultation:
    *Please give us three available times based on the appointments that are available on our Google Calendar.

If, after booking your consultation, you need to cancel your appointment, please contact us and let us know at your earliest convenience.