About us

The Language Learning and Writing Center (LLWC) provides extracurricular language-learning resources for students, faculty, and staff at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). Our mission is educational—we work with members of the NYCU community to help them learn the skills they need for clear and effective communication.

  • Consultations: Our tutors offer one-on-one consultations for students on their use of English in the university and beyond.
  • English Chat Hour: Every week, our tutors provide students, faculty, and staff with an informal setting to practice their English conversation skills.
  • Activities and workshops: We organize activities and workshops each semester to enhance the language and communication skills of the entire NYCU community.
  • Mini-courses: We offer English writing courses for all members of the NYCU community.

The LLWC is located on the Yangming Campus, Zhi Xing Building (Front), Room 203 (above 7-Eleven). Please feel free to email us at llwc[at]nycu.edu.tw or call us at 02-2826-7000 ext. 65351.