NYCU Talk is an English presentation competition that we co-organized with the Office of Bilingual Education. This competition is the biggest event related to English education that NYCU has held since the merger between Yang Ming and Chiao Tung took place last year. At the end of the event, we took a group photo in which we all made Ys and Cs with our hands to show our unity after the merger.

Around 50 NYCU students submitted videos of their presentations for the first round of the competition, and 16 of those students made it to the final round, which took place on Thursday, May 19. Those 16 student delivered their presentations live online to an audience of around 100 people, and we all saw 16 great examples of how to deliver an effective presentation in English. We awarded cash prizes to the top three places in the undergraduate student group and the graduate student group.

Undergraduate student group:

  • First place: 沈維哲 Victor Shen: Preclinical medical students
  • Second place: 朱立恆 Caleb: The daydream of my campus life
  • Third place: 張育哲 Yuh Jer Chang: Quantum is everywhere

Graduate student group:

  • First place: 黃千瑜 Chien Yu Huang: Lung-on-a-chip
  • Second place: 廖家鴻 Aaron Liao: A BIMAC-infra for open banking ecosystem
  • Third place: 黃俊達 Huang Chun-Ta: Diabetic kidney disease: Risk factors and prevention

Many thanks to the students who participated, and to the Office of Bilingual Education for all their hard work organizing this event.